Welcome to Xu’s group in Westlake University. Our research is focused on novel quantum transport in two-dimensional (2D) materials, which consist of atomically thin crystal layers bonded by van der Waals force. 2D materials can exhibit many novel quantum phenomena and have promising electronic applications in the post-Moore’s Law era.


Different 2D materials can be assembled into designer van der Waals (vdWs) heterostructures layer by layer, as building Lego, but with atomic precision. In vdWs heterostructures, the clean interfaces owing to the self-cleaning effect and no lattice mismatch requirement preserve individual properties of each involved layer and guarantee the strong interlayer interaction, making it possible to create various emergent artificial materials with multifunctional properties and exotic phenomena. Therefore, 2D materials and vdWs heterostructures provide a good platform to address many fundamental open questions in condensed matter physics.


Our discovery is based on state-of-art nanofabrication technology, low-temperature electronic transport measurement and high-quality crystal growth.



Updated in February 2021

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